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Perform a People Lookup by Name to Get Thorough, Up-to-Date Public Records Information

Fast makes it easier than ever to find a person online.

Our people finder tool draws from one of the largest databases available—literally tens of billions of public records reported by local, state and national entities. Then, our state-of-the-art technology sorts through that data in milliseconds, pulling up just the people lookup information you want. So, you will be able to find a person right away, and then have access to all kinds of background information about them, including:

Phone Numbers

All known cell phone and landline numbers


Current and past places of residence

Known Associates

Including relatives, friends and work associates

Criminal Records

Arrests and convictions, misdemeanors to felonies

Date of Birth

When and where someone was born

Email Addresses

Past and present email addresses


A Fast Background Check also allows you to search by Address, Map, and Phone Number

Entering a name is the best and most direct way to find a person. But there are a couple other more roundabout ways to successfully do a people lookup. If you only have a phone number, you can perform a reverse phone lookup to find the owner behind it. Or, you can do an address search to find a person, based on where you think they might live now or where they lived in the past.

Reverse Phone Lookup

With a phone number lookup, you simply enter a phone number and area code to get all the information behind it. You will be able to find people who own/owned the number, its location, the service carrier, and whether it’s a cell phone or landline.

Address Lookup

A reverse address lookup gains you access to all the public records information about that property. Find a person who lives there (now and in the past), any improvements made, the property value, and even if any crimes were committed there.