Barry Bogert in Paterson, New Jersey

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Full Name

Barry L Bogert


January 1952



Zodiac Sign

♑  Capricorn

Current Address for Barry Bogert

236 Warren St Paterson, NJ 07524

2,541 sqft
Estimated Value $438,000Estimated Equity $438,000

Square Feet


Estimated Value


Estimated Equity



Non-Owner Occupied



Land Use

Single Family Residential

Property Class


Lot sqft


Address History for Barry Bogert

Previous home addresses, apartments, rental and real property for Barry Bogert

  1. 236 Warren St
    Paterson, NJ 07524
    Current Address Jan 1999 - May 2024

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Relatives of Barry Bogert

  1. Duwan Bogert
    age 42
  2. Eugene Bogert
    age 50
  3. Gertrude Bogert
    age 97
  4. Naimah Bogert
    age 39
  5. Nicholas Bogert
    age 62
  6. Thomas Bogert
    age 76
  7. Yvonne Bogert
    age 65
  8. Brianna Bogert
    age 32
  9. Daniel Bogert
    age 63
  10. Deja Bryant
    age 47
  11. Duwan Bogert
    age 42
  12. Eugene Bogert
    age 93
  13. Jennifer Bogert
    age 34
  14. Linda Farrar
    age 63
  15. Mavis Bogert
    age 40
  16. Melissa Bogert
    age 33
  17. Nicholas Bogert
    age 29
  18. Palma Bogert
    age 65

Neighbors of Barry Bogert on Warren St

  1. Yvonne Bogert

    236 Warren St, Unit 2, Paterson NJ 07524

  2. Vanessa Andino

    237 Warren St, Paterson NJ 07524

    (973) 956-0624

Public Records Report On Barry Bogert

Barry L Bogert was born in January of 1952, and is now 72 years old. The astrological sign on the western zodiac calendar for Barry is Capricorn ♑.

Barry's current address is 236 Warren St, Paterson NJ 07524 in Passaic county. Barry moved into this Paterson, NJ address about 25 years ago, around January of 1999.

We could not determine whether or not Barry L Bogert is currently married. Barry is also related to or closely associated with Duwan Bogert, Eugene Bogert, Gertrude Bogert, Naimah Bogert, Nicholas Bogert and Thomas Bogert.

Contact Barry Bogert at:
  • Address: 236 Warren St, Paterson NJ 07524

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Barry L Bogert?

Barry Bogert was born in January of 1952 and is now 72 years old.

Where does Barry Bogert live?

Barry Bogert's current address is 236 Warren St, Paterson NJ 07524. Barry has lived here for 25 years, since January of 1999.

Does Barry Bogert have any relatives?

Barry Bogert is related to or closely associated with: Duwan Vondell Bogert, Eugene G Bogert, Gertrude E Bogert, Naimah Q Bogert, Nicholas T Bogert, Thomas L Bogert JR