Brittany Garner in Manvel, Texas

Complete Background Report
Age 23
Born December 1999
Marital Status Unknown
Zodiac Sign ♑  Capricorn
Full Name Brittany J Garner
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Current Address for Brittany Garner

8513 Maywald St Manvel, TX 77578

Address History for Brittany Garner

Previous home addresses, apartments, rental and real property for Brittany Garner

  1. 8513 Maywald St
    Manvel, TX 77578
    Current Address May 2019 - Feb 2023

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Phone Numbers For Brittany Garner

Home phone, cellphone, mobile, landline, and wireless phone numbers

  1. (281) 991-9480
    Current Phone Number

    Landline - Starting Nov 2020 - Southwestern Bell Telephone Company

  2. (281) 636-0095

    Wireless - Starting Oct 2021 - Cellco Partnership dba Verizon Wireless - TX

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Relatives of Brittany Garner

  1. Austin Garner
    age 20
  2. Ellie Garner
    age 45
  3. Howard Garner
    age 46
  4. Howard Garner
    age 93
  5. Howard Garner
    age 71
  6. James Garner
    age 38
  7. James Garner
    age 65
  8. Kathy Robinson
    age 65
  9. Rebecca Garner
    age 69
  10. Alvin Crawford
    age 97
  11. Amanda Lenhart
    age 38
  12. Angela Garza
    age 62
  13. Betty Garner
    age 84
  14. Betty Garner
    age 91
  15. Bruce Garner
    age 75
  16. Corinne Kennedy
    age 70
  17. Courtney Garner
    age 29
  18. David Robinson
    age 77

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Associates of Brittany Garner

  1. Dorothy Crawford
    age 95

Alternate Names for Brittany Garner

Also Known As (AKA), Alternate Spellings, Misspellings, Maiden Name, etc.

  1. Brittany Garner
  2. Brittany Jean Garner

Neighbors of Brittany Garner on Maywald St

  1. Robin J Kieth

    8507 Maywald St, Manvel TX 77578

    (832) 217-9212

  2. Ann H Shaw

    8503 Maywald St, Manvel TX 77578

Public Records Report On Brittany Garner

Brittany J Garner was born in December of 1999, and is now 23 years old. The astrological sign on the western zodiac calendar for Brittany is Capricorn ♑.

Brittany's current address is 8513 Maywald St, Manvel TX 77578 in Brazoria county. Brittany moved into this Manvel, TX address about 3 years ago, around May of 2019.

We could not determine whether or not Brittany J Garner is currently married. Brittany is also related to or closely associated with Austin Garner, Ellie Garner, Howard Garner, Howard Garner, Howard Garner and James Garner.

Brittany's latest phone number is (281) 991-9480, a Landline number issued by Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. Previous phone numbers include (281) 636-0095.

Contact Brittany Garner at:
  • Address: 8513 Maywald St, Manvel TX 77578
  • Phone: (281) 991-9480

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Brittany J Garner?

Brittany Garner was born in December of 1999 and is now 23 years old.

Where does Brittany Garner live?

Brittany Garner's current address is 8513 Maywald St, Manvel TX 77578. Brittany has lived here for 3 years, since May of 2019.

Does Brittany Garner have any relatives?

Brittany Garner is related to or closely associated with: Austin Garner, Ellie R Garner, Howard Eugene Garner JR, Howard E Garner SR, Howard E Garner, James L Dr Garner

What is the phone number for Brittany Garner?

The best phone number for Brittany Garner is (281) 991-9480 (landline).

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