Diane Harris in Raleigh, North Carolina

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Full Name

Diane S Harris


May 1955



Zodiac Sign

♊  Gemini

Address History for Diane Harris

Previous home addresses, apartments, rental and real property for Diane Harris

  1. Po Box 97113
    Raleigh, NC 27624
    Current Address Apr 2010 - Aug 2023

    (919) 389-5931

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Phone Numbers For Diane Harris

Home phone, cellphone, mobile, landline, and wireless phone numbers

  1. (919) 389-5931
    Current Phone Number

    Wireless - Starting Apr 2010 - New Cingular Wireless PCS LLC - GA

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Relatives of Diane Harris

  1. Benjamin Harris
    age 36
  2. Charles Harris
    age 68
  3. Charles Harris
    age 68
  4. Grayson Harris
    age 33
  5. Michael Harris
    age 71
  6. Ann Gales
    age 74
  7. Ann Gales Harris
    age 74
  8. Ann Harris
    age 65
  9. Charles Harris
    age 39
  10. Charles Harris
    age 76
  11. Charles Harris
    age 68
  12. Christina Harris
    age 38
  13. Christine Harris
    age 94
  14. Clyde Harris
    age 70
  15. Deneen Reece
    age 59
  16. Diane Shockley Mitchell
    age 65
  17. Helen Harris
    age 39
  18. Herman Harris
    age 94

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Alternate Names for Diane Harris

Also Known As (AKA), Alternate Spellings, Misspellings, Maiden Name, etc.

  1. Diane Harris

Public Records Report On Diane Harris

Diane S Harris was born in May of 1955, and is now 68 years old. The astrological sign on the western zodiac calendar for Diane is Gemini ♊.

Diane's current address is Po Box 97113, Raleigh NC 27624 in Wake county. Diane moved into this Raleigh, NC address about 13 years ago, around April of 2010.

We could not determine whether or not Diane S Harris is currently married. Diane is also related to or closely associated with Benjamin Harris, Charles Harris, Charles Harris, Grayson Harris, Michael Harris and Ann Gales.

Diane's latest phone number is (919) 389-5931, a Wireless number issued by New Cingular Wireless PCS LLC - GA

Contact Diane Harris at:
  • Address: Po Box 97113, Raleigh NC 27624
  • Phone: (919) 389-5931

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Diane S Harris?

Diane Harris was born in May of 1955 and is now 68 years old.

Where does Diane Harris live?

Diane Harris's current address is Po Box 97113, Raleigh NC 27624. Diane has lived here for 13 years, since April of 2010.

Does Diane Harris have any relatives?

Diane Harris is related to or closely associated with: Benjamin S Harris, Charles M Harris, Charles Harris, Grayson B Harris, Michael Walter Harris, Ann M Gales

What is the phone number for Diane Harris?

The best phone number for Diane Harris is (919) 389-5931 (wireless).