Dorothy Wells in Colorado Springs, Colorado

Complete Background Report
Age 93
Born April 1929
Marital Status Unknown
Zodiac Sign ♈  Aries
Full Name Dorothy A Wells
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Current Address for Dorothy Wells

2595 Wooddale Rd, Unit 2 Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Address History for Dorothy Wells

Previous home addresses, apartments, rental and real property for Dorothy Wells

  1. 2595 Wooddale Rd, Unit 2
    Colorado Springs, CO 80906
    Current Address Jan 2009 - Jan 2023
  2. 2108 Destrehan St
    Saint Louis, MO 63107
    Nov 1984 - Jan 2015

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Phone Numbers For Dorothy Wells

Home phone, cellphone, mobile, landline, and wireless phone numbers

  1. (314) 421-0973
    Current Phone Number

    Wireless - Starting Aug 1993 - Southwestern Bell Telephone Company

  2. (314) 868-9988

    Landline - Starting Mar 2016 - Southwestern Bell Telephone Company

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Relatives of Dorothy Wells

  1. John Wells
    age 64
  2. Marion Wells
    age 100
  3. Michael Wells
    age 51
  4. Patricia Wells
    age 70
  5. William Wells
    age 59
  6. Angela Wells
    age 38
  7. Cecil Hammack
    age 72
  8. Daniel Wells
    age 34
  9. Deborah Wells
    age 66
  10. Deborah Wells
    age 67
  11. John Wells
    age 78
  12. John Wells
    age 37
  13. Joshua Wells
    age 45
  14. Lorna Mccarter
    age 61
  15. Madison Hammack
    age 70
  16. Mark Denison
    age 64
  17. Nicole Wells
    age 51
  18. Sandra Wells
    age 72

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Alternate Names for Dorothy Wells

Also Known As (AKA), Alternate Spellings, Misspellings, Maiden Name, etc.

  1. Marion W Wells
  2. Marion J Wells
  3. Dorothya Wells
  4. D Wells

Public Records Report On Dorothy Wells

Dorothy A Wells was born in April of 1929. Dorothy passed away in December of 2003, and lived to be 74 years old. The astrological sign on the western zodiac calendar for Dorothy is Aries ♈.

Dorothy's last known place of residence was 2595 Wooddale Rd, Unit 2, Colorado Springs CO 80906 in El Paso county. Dorothy moved into this Colorado Springs, CO address about 14 years ago, around January of 2009.

Previously, starting in November of 1984, Dorothy was registered at the address 2108 Destrehan St, Saint Louis MO 63107. Our records show Dorothy lived here for 30 years.

Public records show 1 other addresses associated with Dorothy Wells, spanning 2 states, 2 counties, and 2 cities. In Colorado Dorothy lived in Colorado Springs. In Missouri Dorothy lived in Saint Louis.

We could not determine whether or not Dorothy A Wells is currently married. Dorothy is also related to or closely associated with John Wells, Marion Wells, Michael Wells, Patricia Wells, William Wells and Angela Wells.

Dorothy's latest phone number is (314) 421-0973, a Wireless number issued by Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. Previous phone numbers include (314) 868-9988.

Contact Dorothy Wells at:
  • Address: 2595 Wooddale Rd, Unit 2, Colorado Springs CO 80906
  • Phone: (314) 421-0973

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Dorothy A Wells?

Dorothy Wells was born in April of 1929 and passed away in December of 2003. Dorothy lived to be 74 years old.

Where does Dorothy Wells live?

Dorothy Wells's last address was 2595 Wooddale Rd, Unit 2, Colorado Springs CO 80906. Dorothy had lived here for 14 years, since January of 2009.

Does Dorothy Wells have any relatives?

Dorothy Wells is related to or closely associated with: John M Wells, Marion W Wells, Michael W Wells, Patricia M Wells, William M Wells, Angela M Wells

What is the phone number for Dorothy Wells?

The best phone number for Dorothy Wells is (314) 421-0973 (wireless).

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